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Terms of Guarantee

Terms of Guarantee


1) The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and 2 years.

2) including all goods are covered by warranty for all parts of our company.

3) If it is understood that the goods are defective consumer, located in Article 11 of the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502;

a. Rotation of the Convention,

b. Do not want to discount the sales price,

c. Request the free repair,

d. sold a thing free from defects with the request of changing times, you can use one of the rights.

4) if the seller the right to select the free repair of these rights of consumers; labor costs, the cost of parts replaced under any other name or never make a request without charge or repair the goods is obliged to make. Consumers can use against the right to free repair to the manufacturer or importer. Dealers, manufacturers and importers are responsible for meteselsil from consumers exercise this right.

5) Consumers have the right to free use of the property in case of repair;

The arızılan again within the warranty period,

Exceeding the maximum time required for the repair,

That repair is not possible, the authorized service station, dealer, manufacturer or importer in case of determining a report; refund the consumer goods, if the rate of cost reductions shame or facilities may request replacement with the fold thing free from defects of the goods vendor. The seller can not refuse to consumer demand. Failure to fulfill this demand vendors, manufacturers and importers are responsible jointly and severally.

6) The repair time will not exceed 20 business days. This time, on the authorized dealer or service station for goods declaration fault within the warranty period, outside the warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods to the authorized service station. Defection, if not remedied within 10 business days, the manufacturer or importer; repair of the goods until completion of another property with similar characteristics have to be allocated to the consumer. In case of defects within the warranty period, is added to the duration of the warranty period for repair.

7) failure resulting in the use contrary to the instructions for use of the goods is out of warranty issues.

8) Turkey with information about the addresses of authorized service stations all over the 0 (212) 659 80 55 No. You can call our center or www.akelevaletleri.co than my link.

9) Tükeciler may refer the dispute to which it has been in residential or consumer transactions of the consumer in the place where the arbitral tribunal or the court may arise regarding the use of consumer rights under the warranty.

10) Failure of the warranty given by the Seller, consumer protection, consumers can apply to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Market Surveillance Directorate General.

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